Terms & Conditions


    This document serves to clarify the President’s Club Incentive Program (or “the program”) by providing an overview and description of the policies.

    This policy is applicable to all eligible associates in the US region.

    • The number of overall winners will be chosen according to the "Winner Headcount Summary" section of this document.
    • All subject matter contained in this document is subject to change without notice by Ingram Micro Executive Sales Management.
    • Commission guarantees designed to adjust achievement do not apply toward measured achievement. In instances where such commission guarantees are paid, actual achievements will be used for winner calculations. Exception for special circumstances may be made at the discretion of Executive Sales Management.

    • Eligible participants must be employed in the IM Sales organization with a minimum of 9 months of achievement numbers at year end and must be in the Sales Department by the beginning of Q2 of the program year.
    • Active associates on protected leave of absence (LOA) will still participate, but will not have performance numbers counted for the time period they are on leave. Winners that are on protected LOA at the time of the banquet and/or trip may be provided an alternate award to be determined at the discretion of the company.
    • Associate must be in good standing at the time of the award and remain in good standing up through the time of the trip (there must be no disciplinary action via written warning). Additionally, the associate must have a current review score of meets expectations.
    • All results will be reviewed and any changes or modifications will be at the discretion of Executive Sales Management.
    • Each associate invited to attend the trip may bring one guest. That guest must be a minimum of 21 years old.

    • Associates will be eligible to participate in the business unit or job title in which they have resided for the majority of the program time period. Should there be an instance where an associate has spent an equal amount of time in two separate business units or job titles, they will be elibigle in the business unit or job title they occupy at year-end (final ranking subject to manager approval). For the Vendor Contest – if the associate moved from a non-eligible position or Business Unit to an eligibile position or Business Unit, they must have 9 months of eligible numbers to be able to participate in the Vendor Contests.
    • Adjustments for the month of December will be included only if entered and approved, on or before December Fiscal Month End.
    • In the case of a tie in any category, a random draw will be conducted by Business Operations. In a vendor contest, in the case of a tie between members of the same sales team, Sales Management may be consulted for further objective performance measures to determine the final winner.
    • Account Moves: The accounts that will be included in a rep’s achievement are the accounts that are used in monthly/quarterly commission calculations.

    • Quarterly rankings are facilitated by Business Operations.
    • Quarterly rankings will be published to the program’s website for associate review.
    • Q4 Quarterly rankings will not be posted on the website. Winners will be announced at the Sales Award Celebration

    • The fair market value of the trip will be included in associate’s income/paycheck and will be subject to appropriate tax withholding. IM will compensate associates an amount equal to 40% of the fair market value of the trip to mitigate, not necessarily eliminate, the tax consequences associated with the trip.
    • Winning associates are not required to use PTO for the trip.
    • There will be no alternative prize offered for those declining the trip. Valid medical reasons may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    Winners will be determined as follows:

    • Winners based on Numbers: For associates designated as “Numbers” as the selection method on the Winner Headcount Summary, those with the highest Ingram Micro SAGP$ (or most heavily weighted commission element) achievement in their category will win. Minimum of 100% annual achievement is required to win.
    • Winners based on Pick: For associates whose selection method is designated as “Pick” in the Winner Headcount Summary, Sales Management will indicate winner based on criteria as provided in summary format to Business Operations.
    • Licensing: Individual and POD winners are determined by Licensing Sales Management based on the following criteria:

      Individual Desk: Based on % of SAGP$ achievement to annual quota and the overall contribution/impact of the associate to the success of the department. POD Teams: Based on % of SAGP$ achievement to annual quota, chosen by management via weighted ticket drawing, and the overall contribution/impact of the associate to the success of the department.


    • Eligible Business Units: Determined by each vendor, Business Units from some or all of the following groups are eligible: Sales – USA, Advanced Solutions, BSC, Global Sales, Vendor Licensing. See Vendor Information on the program’s website for individual vendor details.
    • Eligible Sales Associates: Determined based on Impulse owned accounts or if no individual account ownership, the associated team assignments as defined by sales management and maintained by Business Operations. See Vendor Information on the program’s website for individual vendor details.
    • Criteria: Eligible associates outlined in 9.1 and 9.2 qualify to win by achieving the highest percent achievement to vendors’ goals while meeting or exceeding corresponding minimum revenue achievements. In addition, vendor winners must achieve a minimum of 95% annual achievement in the Ingram Micro Performance Contest to qualify as a vendor winner.
    • 9.4 Vendor changes to Contest Eligibility Criteria: Quarterly, if desired, individual vendors may make modifications to the contest’s requirements:
      • Add account numbers to the inclusion/exclusion list if the customer is already included/excluded. New customers may not be included or excluded.
      • Change growth rate percentage
      • Add vendor codes

        These changes will be implemented in the quarter they are received and going forward. No retroactive changes will be implemented.

        The following changes will not be permitted:

        • Changes to eligible segments
        • Changes in qualifications that alter the contest eligibility in a material way (e.g. changing the minimum threshold to a maximum).
    • Tracking: Vendor contest goals will be calculated at the individual sales associate level. Performance to these goals will be reported by individual sales associate via the Quarterly ranking reports posted on the program’s website.
    • Vendor Quotas: Unless otherwise noted, monthly quotas are based on previous year’s same month’s sales history for each territory, by vendor and then rolled up by team or I/S number.
    • Minimum Quotas: If there is no or minimum sales history for the previous year, the minimum quota will be calculated as 25% of the prorated annual minimum revnue as established by the vendor for each contest.
  10. Winner Headcount Summary